Monday, June 10, 2013


I've jumped back on the blogging train once again.  Its been almost a year since my last post.  A lot has happened but I can sum it up using those handy bullet points:

  • My baby boy is approaching 17 months (!!!).  He is perfect.  To give you a very limited snapshot of what he is like (at this point in time), I will throw you some personality traits that he seems to possess so far in his very short life.  DETERMINED!!! Independent.  Intense.  Snuggler.  Focused.  Unpersuasive (that's a word right?).  Fast learner.  Cheeky.  Expressive. Cautious.

  • We have our own place!!!!!!! We moved out of my parents home (after almost a year and a half) and into a perfectly cosy house in a semi-rural area just outside of Christchurch.
  • We live at a Christian Camp...a stark contrast to the kind of life we were prepared for when Cody was in the band.  Cody works as the camp host and activities director.  He runs a variety of activities for groups of kids mostly between the ages of 7-13.  He is amazingly adaptable and has thrown himself into this job and loves it. 

Since our wedding 2 1/2 years ago Cody and I have bounced from place to place ending up back here in NZ only 8 months after our wedding.  Unexpectedly this has become a permanent situation.   During these first 2 years I have experienced the most difficult times so far in my 28 years through various circumstances.   It was very much a 'wilderness' season.  I would love to testify of my steadfast, hopeful, thankful attitude which remained with me throughout this time, but lets just say I would be put it mildly.  There were a few tantrums (on my end), there were moments of despair, hopelessness, giving up, anger etc etc.  I had feelings toward God that I had NEVER felt before! Looking back, these were critical points in my life and in our family.  I may not be able to testify about my perfect christian responses but I can testify about how God came through despite my defiance.   I can testify of the strong foundation that the Lord has established and continues  to establish in our family.  I can testify of the amazing man God has given me for a husband and how proud I am for allowing God to mold him (without the resistance that I put up).   The way he reflects the love and grace of Christ to me is unfathomable.

God has finally brought us into a season that I have been desiring for what feels like a very looooong time.  We have our own home (hooray!) where I have the freedom to be the wife and mother I want to be.  We have enthusiastically embraced the comforts that come with having our own home...fave TV show dates, eating when we want to (well sort of...a baby can dictate that a bit), time together, having people over for meals.  We live where Cody works, so Charles and I get to see him all the time (btw this is an answer to a specific prayer request of mine).  I have much to be thankful for.

In many ways life right now is simple.  Neither flashy nor glamorous.  We do not have too much and we do not have too little.  We do not live without our personal struggles, however we have time for each other, little Charlie and others.   I'm pretty sure we have been given this time to learn and embrace those things that truly matter in life.  For this I will be forever thankful. 

p.s I'd like to introduce my pretty outrageous (for me anyway) new shoes. My many pairs of black shoes...step aside!