Monday, February 28, 2011

A lot of time on my hands

I have been pondering on the idea of starting a blog for awhile. I have gone back and forth with reasons why I shouldn't:
1 - it's become too trendy
2 - I'm sure people are way too busy with their own lives to be spending their time reading about the monotony of another's life
3 - is my reason for starting one based on knowing that others will be reading it so therefore how biased/real would be writing be knowing that the words will be constructed from the position of knowingly having an audience (even if its just one or two followers!)...

STOP! I interrupted my thoughts and told myself to quit all the analytical thinking and just do it if I simply want to. And so I have (with a bit of encouragement from some friends). Why not? I have so much time on my hands that it seems like a good way to feel connected to people, process the comings and goings of life and simply just to chronologise life in an accessible and ordered way. I just hope that writing the posts for this won't take as long as what it took to come up with a name. It's always those silly little decisions that take me way too long - so I asked my husband for a little help. I got a lot. In came a lineup of about 10 texts in a row - Livvtures, Livvitides, Livvitudes, Livvitures, Snaplivvots(??), LivvinLife, Livvy be thy name, With our powers combined we can be livtorious, Livtoria (my middle name is Victoria), JustLiv...I decided on JustLiv.

My husband (as you can tell I like to say "my husband"... novelty still hasn't worn off) is away all week and I have been doing some serious thinking about what kinds of hobbies I should take up. I have always liked to make the most of my days but there are certain obstacles to achieving this when I am trying to work out my new surroundings and life and feeling like I have to start over in so many different ways. There are of course many good things about this.

Right now I'm still not sure what the purpose of this blog will be. Knowing that it can be a means of loved ones back home staying connected and updated with my life is good enough for me.

K since I'm new at this I'm not sure what the protocol is for ending posts. Is it like a letter where you say "Lots of love..." etc, or like a text where you put a "x" at the end. I'll just leave it with that.